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welcome to my misery

10 Resources for infosec careerr

1. Linux

The fox came with a crimson smile and silent eyes .
The fox knew our mistakes .
The fox knew our weaknesses .
The fox knew what to do .
In the forest where screams can't escape
The fox saved us from our hubris
The fox took our teeth and bestowed us with a crimson smile just like her .
Oh what a lovely day that was
Let's remember the fox
Let's remember her crimson smile
Let's give a crimson smile to new one
Just like her
Let's share the pain
For the glorious fox with a crimson smile

2. OSI Layer

A syrupy liquid drips down from the heavens.
Oh what a lucky time ! what a lucky sight to see !!
Moonlight is shining through the streams burning our skin with glee
Some drink it to forget , some drink it to know
But all of them feel the desire to burn
Desire to burn down the future.

3. Python

Some people say the serpent lives in caves of the mind
Some people say you can escape from the serpent's grasp with a little bit of love
Some people say if you smell the serpent you can't run away
Some people say the serpent is just a fairy tale
Some people are so foolish
Stay vigilant !
Don't go to the caves
Don't let it find you
Don't let it bite you
Don't forget there are worse things than dying
Much worse

4. Silence

5. Protocols

Rules are important

7. Detection

Hey ! Can you hear this sound ?
This is the sound of steam
just like a scream isn't it ?
It's a scream for the bringer of steam.
Praise her ! Praise her ! Praise to the Goddess of Steam.
Hail Her ! Hail Her ! Oldest soul in the existence.
She is the bringer of copper ! She is the bringer of fire !
She is the father of pain !
She is the mother of Technology !
Praise her ! if you want to embrace her.
Embrace her ! if you want to knwo her.
Know her ! if you want to know yourself.
Embrace the Technology.
Embrace the pain.


Fun fact ! internet came from the crippling horror of nuclear warfare
because lovely army man in the usa wanted to still be able call the pizza place even after bombs dropped
because you know
otherwise this is bad for the economy

9. Blood

In the olden days the people we know today as the "counter of numbers" would heat up simple microchips and use them as a some kind of "necklace".
We still not sure about the function of these "necklaces" but some of us thinks that they were used in a primitive form of the Game.
This hypothesis is supported by some "necklaces" found tied up to old oak trees and the skeletons attached to them.
But of course we still can't say anything concrete.
Long live to the Game.

10. Memory

There is a cage in your heart.
Locked with billion steel chains.
Wait how did all of the steel get in there ??
Oh no Oh fuck Oh shit this is going to be a problem.
I'm sorry but we can't use the MRI machine.
Maybe try to loosen the chains a little bit ?
Don't worry Delirium is not that scary.
At least compared to MRI